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Zouk Classes Wednesday Nights 7:00-8:30

Come learn Brazilian Zouk with us! Every Wednesday we will be providing comprehensive classes for you to explore this beautiful dance in a fun, safe, and engaging environment. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge for you to become the very best on the dance floor. Please read class descriptions below to determine the classes best for you. Let's connect, expand, and challenge ourselves together as a community!

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Portuguese for Zouk Dancers

You can walk the walk... But can you talk the talk? 

classes with Jesse

Portuguese for Zouk Dancers

Short description: 

Crazy language class 🇧🇷 + 💃 = 🤯

Gettin some dance on 💃 

1.5 - 2 hours per session (8 hours total) ⏰ 

4 classes $100 💰

Classes start May 9,2019


The Zouk

Yep. You heard right. We’ll be dancing.

What separates a good dancer from a great dancer?

Moves? No. Style? No. Big fluffy pants? 


hate to break it to you.

It’s flow. 

How moves feel, how they’re connected to the music, your partner, the floor.

That’s what we’re exploring in these four weeks. Flow. All levels welcome. We could all use some work on our flow. 

Join us!

Forget everything you think you know about language classes. Forget stupid grammar drills. Forget useless vocabulary. No one in Brazil gives a damn if you can say the parrot is purple.

We’ll be moving, we’ll be dancning, we’ll be creating crazy visualizations, we might even sing a little bit... no promises. 

All Levels Welcome

How much better would your zouk classes be with visiting teachers if they could explain the concepts in their language? How much better would your musicality be if you listened to and understood Brazilian music? How different would your life be if you took on this crazy journey of learning a language? 

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Reserve your spot and register https://forms.gle/srY2Tqg1Ezdh3iRk9 PayPal https://www.paypal.me/jessebruce3  Venmo: @Jesse-Bruce-1 Cash

About Jesse

3 years ago I started my journey in Portuguese because of a zouk class that inspired me to learn more about Brazil. A year later I was living in Brazil, studying zouk. Last summer I spread my love for the dance in Mexico City, teaching four days a week in Spanish. The dance captivated me and has completely changed my life.

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